4 design essentials to improve well-being at work.

Well-being at work has proven to be a key factor in the productivity of workers and companies. In this regard, the design of a comfortable workspace is a key factor. At Cruso, we design furniture that will make you feel at home in the office, and that is environmentally friendly and ergonomic. Read more about these fundamentals in this article.
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1. Feeling at home

It goes without saying that since the covid 19 crisis, health measures have strongly encouraged the increase of teleworking. This change has proven to be beneficial for many people, allowing them to reduce their stress while improving productivity and efficiency in their professional tasks.

This is what Resimercial (Residential & Commercial) design is all about, a new trend in workspace design, playing on the creation of both formal and informal spaces for employees. This new method, very popular in co-working spaces such as Morning, puts human relations at the center of professional preocuppations.

2. Opting for eco-responsible furniture

The ecological commitment is definitely a pillar of the entrepreunarial values in 2022. Therefore, it is essential that these values are reflected in the chosen furniture.

At Cruso, we take care to respect these values in order to have a reduced impact on our carbon footprint. Whether it is by choosing our raw materials from local actors, by creating resistant designs or by reducing the impact of transport through packaging.

3. Include nature

In the same line as the previous point, the last few years have allowed us to refocus attention on what really matters: nature.

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing aspect of bringing greenery into the office, its impact on employee morale and health has been verified. Plants have real positive consequences on well-being:

- Increased productivity
- Less stress
- Decreased fatigue
- Less irritability
- Decreased migraine

4. Ergonomic furniture

One of the most important factors of well-being at work is the comfort of employees. The challenge of ergonomics lies in the optimization of furniture that allows for efficiency while maintaining a certain level of comfort.

Keiji Takeuchi wanted to highlight this through the SPRINGBACK Lounge Chair, by designing a chair offering a stable and confident seat thanks to its structure that follows the shape of the back.

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