SPRINGBACK : The making of a new chair

Behind the scenes : a peak at Cruso's prototyping
Morning Picture

Did you know that a new chair is incredibly complex to design ? 

After countless prototypes and trial and errors, the chair is finally ready for production. Their new owners will soon receive the first pieces of the first production batch. This exiting moment is only possible with the hard work of production development experts meeting and testing the finest details. Sometimes several designers take part in the process to give their views and advices in order to improve the product further.

Without being limitative, these are the different elements our experts challenge :

  • The shape and line of the piece
  • The comfort
  • The durability and maintenance
  • The timelessness

As part of our philosophy of transparency, we share informations that are usually confidential. The designers Keiji Takeuchi and Julien Renault make the final adjustments to their design with Cruso's founder Olivier Stévenart.

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