The vision for Cruso by Olivier Stévenart

In an interview with Brigitte De Wolf for the daily newspaper "Le Soir", Olivier Stévenart, founder of Cruso, discusses his ambitions for the brand.
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We leave you free to discover this superb interview written by Brigitte De Wolf by clicking on this link. We took the opportunity to come back around a discussion with Olivier Stévenart on the foundations of the brand and Cruso's vision for the future.

The link with craftsmanship

Cruso has always had a special connection with craftsmanship, but I would like to focus on the future and not stay in the past. Handicraft often evokes the name of old, almost ancestral techniques and designers. I would like us to bring a new vision with our products.

The aim is to offer a healthy, timeless product that carries values, both in terms of the product and the design.

Our vision for the next 10 years

Both to develop the range, and to be recognised not only for the quality of the product but also for the philosophy of the brand through its freshness, its dynamism and the collaborations that exist with designers, schools and engineers. I would like there to be a real Cruso universe.

Cruso's philosophy

To convey healthy and sustainable values with a transparent spirit through a dynamic brand.

Future sustainable commitments

I particularly appreciate the BCorp label because it is healthy in every way, in its ethics and materials in particular, it's a good balance that pushes us to evolve. The most important thing is to give a spirit. Our objective is to carry the future and not to pull the past. For this, it is really essential to be sustainable. Our commitment is to find materials that come from local regions, with healthy and sustainable materials. The choice of transport is also essential because it corresponds to a large part of our CO2 consumption. In the future, the aim is also to create products made only from recycled materials.

Olivier Stévenart's values within Cruso

I give a lot of my soul to Cruso. It's clearly what I like about the product, the brand philosophy and its cheerfulness. In broad terms, these are my personal values that are reflected in this company because I am very much involved as a human being.

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