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Keiji Takeuchi's new SPRINGBACK coat stand

Morning Picture

Latest addition to the SPRINGBACK collection, the coat stand. Keiji Takeuchi applied his collection’s characteristic design language to this home accessory that appears for the first time in the Cruso catalogue.

Three long bent steel rods, a large solid wood tray at “above-knee” height,a very minimal silhouette that blends seamlessly in different ambiances… this piece is about simplicity and functionality. Acting as an ecosystem, the same coat stand can receive jackets and hats as well as the content of the pockets of anyone. The perfect addition to an entry lobby or an airport lounge. The tray is above the height of a cabin luggage and is easily removable.

We are very happy to present this piece that showcases beautifully our philosophy: to offer a timeless design with good material and a little “something more”of functionality to make everyday life a little bit smoother.

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