Reducing the ecological footprint of our transportation.

How Cruso reduces its ecological footprint through design and packaging.
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Shipping furniture all over the world can create unnecessary CO2 emissions, that is why we decided to limit our transportation means to the ground and the sea. There are no plane shipments with Cruso products, they take a slightly longer time to travel and we believe that the environmental issue is worth it.

Two designers we collaborated with helped us in pursuing the reduction of the impact of our transportation. Benoît Deneufbourg et Keiji Takeuchi designed for us products that we can ship in reduced size boxes.

The PADDLE table is a classic and timeless wooden dining table and part of one of the first Cruso collections. This design by Benoit Deneufbourg is appreciated for its simplicity and ease of assembly.

The SPRINGBACK collection designed by Keiji Takeuchi combines a bent steel structure and a wooden seat and backrest. For the lounge chair, we have developed a packaging that presents the parts of the chair in an aesthetic way, while remaining flat. The legs of the structure are reduced to simple lines. The central cross, a detail usually hidden under the seat, is proudly presented here.

This packaging speaks directly to the project of Olivier Stévenart and Keiji Takeuchi: to offer simple, well thought out furniture, but in no way ostentatious.

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