Showcasing our philosophy through scenography.

How the scenography created by Julien Renault tells the story of the birth and the philosophy of Cruso.
Morning Picture

Since 2019, we have been working with Julien Renault on a scenography for Cruso. As we had been trusting Julien’s sensitive eye for photography,we were glad to collaborate with him on the best way to present Cruso’s universe in real life.

Our wish was to create an environment that shows our love for natural materials, calm and relaxing shapes; our love for a design that is not aggressive on the eye and blends quietly into a vast range of environments.The use of wooden beams and large pieces of cloth to divide the space brings warmth and a sentiment of comfort. The lighting is clear but intimate, with areas exposed to the light of the exhibition space, and other nested by the shade of the booth itself. This is a space that we want people to approach as the would a living room. We want to share a moment with our guests, give them the opportunity to feel and interact with our products.

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